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TAIT Knowledge Series held on 11th May, 2018.

Simplify GST E-Way bill - Q & A session
Speaker : Shri Gajanan khanande, Deputy Commissioner of GST, Maharashtra state.

Questions from our Members

1. How do we enter vehicle number when mode of transport is public taxi or rickshaw within Mumbai region wherein we do not know which taxi or rickshaw our peon will take?
A. One should Take Care & Update as soon as Possible.

2. If billing address of the Customer is within Maharashtra and shipping address is outside Maharashtra (i.e. Punjab State). Then we can generate the e way bill of CGST and SGST billing.
A. E-Way Bill should be Generated.

3. If billing address of the Customer is outside Maharashtra and shipping address is within Maharashtra. Then we can generate the e way bill of IGST billing.
A. One should generate the E-Way Bill.

4. Our company is also providing the service to customer. We raise the bill outside Maharashtra (i.e. Punjab State) for the installation charges. Our sale executive personally visits at the site of Punjab for the installation. Sale person travel through airways or train. So, we required to generate the E way for the same.
A. No E-Way Bill for Services.

5. If we raise the installation charge billing address within Maharashtra and provide the service outside Maharashtra. We required generating the e way bill for CGST and SGST.
A. No E-Way Bill for Services.

6. If for goods above Rs.50,000 eway bill is necessary, what about distance? Is there minimum distance for which it is not required or if value of goods is above Rs.50,000/- irrespective of distance e-way bill is compulsorily required?
A. There is NO Distance Criteria.E-Way Bill is Must.

7. If delivery done by delivery person through multiple travel mode, from office to station (walking), then local train (either using monthly pass / buying ticket), from station to customer’s place either by auto / taxi / BEST bus in Mumbai, how do we put train number & vehicle number? Delivery boys have to call office every time they change the transport mode & inform vehicle number & then we have to feed the info?
A. No Number for Update of Taxi in Mumbai.

8. If buyer’s person picks up the material from our office / warehouse, what procedure we have to do? We do not have information about transport mode used by buyer’s person, in this case what information we have to provide in e way bill as a seller?
A. It is the Duty of Buyer to Update.

9. If responsibility is on buyer to provide transport details in e way bill & if he doesn’t provide the same then is there any liability on seller?
A. No, It is Buyer Responsibility who is carrying Goods.

10. If delivery done by private transport vehicle (non registered transporter) then how do we enter the vehicle number?
A. One need to put Private Vehicle Number.

11. Is Copy of Eway bill needed to be carried along with Invoice or just eway bill number printed on invoice can do?
A. E-way Bill Number printed on Invoice is Enough.

12. What are sieze conditions?
A. If Cost is very High,Nobody ready to Take Ownership, No Reply.

13. What about e-way bill for delivery & return of Sample/Demo unit above 50000/-.
A. E-Way Bill is Required.

14. What if way is generated and transporter / courier name is unknown at the time of generation of way bill ? Is this Way bill valid ?
A. No,Courier / Transporter Name is MUST.

15. Way bill is generated with a transporter / courier name (ABC), but LR No. is unknown, is this valid?
A. Just ADD Transporter/Courier Name,he will Update it.

16. Way bill is generated with a transporter / courier name (ABC), but was dispatched with another transporter / courier (XYZ), is this ok ?
A. No.You Must Edit Part B.

17. Way bill is generated for an invoice but not dispatched - what happens to way bill? and subsequently order is cancelled, then how to record such sales return ?
A. If the order in Not Dispatched, CANCEL the E-Way Bill.

Issues regarding "Bill To Ship TO" for e-way bill under CGST Rules, 2017.